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The prospect of 3D lenticular image

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Since the birth day of 3D stereoscopic technology, it attracts people curious eyes by its novel and irregularly changed effect. 3D lenticular pictures make you feel like it is tangible virtually. Meanwhile the realistic three-dimensional sense, gives people a strong visual impact, makes people indulge in this pleasure and can not stop ...

To expand the application range of 3D lenticular products, we have continuously developed numerous high quality and new concept 3D lenticular product. Business card is one of them! It's time to launch of our new project -- 3D lenticular business card.

Both 3D lenticular name card and 3D lenticular picture are  new technology outputs in the Digital Time. This 3D technology has been combined professional software and hightech lenticular material by digital technology, it can easily transfers 2D flat images or pictures into distinct, vivid and wonderful 3D pictures. Because of the 3D picture is vivid and with different depths, it has a strong visual impression and artistic appeal which gives you a feeling of being personally in the scene.

Each 3D lenticular business card is a valuable art collection, shows your master status, career achievement, economic power. It is not only a business card, but also a souvenir, which can meets celebrities(such as  managers, agency officials, business elites etc.) social communication need